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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Sky Galleons of Mars

Sky Galleons of Mars is a board game set in the Victorian era of space exploration. It's a tactical ship combat game for the "Space: 1889" role-playing system.
The game has a lot of mechanics that are similar to Star Fleet Battles. It has a naval feel about it, think of a game like Uncharted Seas with altitude thrown in.
The game is played in turns of three phases. In the Initiative Phase, players form or disband boarding parties and change crew assignments. They also roll dice to see who becomes the First Player that turn.
Two Movement/Fire Phases follow. The moving player moves all of his vessels, both players fire (depending on range, weapon, etc.), damage is taken, then the second player repeats the full move/fire action.
Two large hex, beautifully rendered maps are included in the game to accomodate detailed plastic ships. The rules are broken into two parts: Basic (the game at its simplest level with basic rules for moving, firing, taking damage, etc.) and Advanced (adds more detailed rules such as: ramming and grappling, towing, small arms, crew quality, etc.). Also included are seven Scenarios and rules for a Campaign game.


Space: 1889 is Frank Chadwick's trademark of his Victorian science fiction game world. It is used with his permission


  1. I am jealous - you have the minis ;) I am stuck with counters.

    The Sky Galleons rules combined with Cloudships and Gunboats in a single book are available from Heliograph

    via Amazon:

    and you can also find Ironclads and Ether Flyers which adds surface naval units and is very playable as a naval game in its own right.

  2. I've had them for ever and I look forward to the 15mm ships that Highlander Studios will come out with.


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